Our School » Brooklyn Opens in 1922

Brooklyn Opens in 1922

Brooklyn Opens in 1922


Our School: Brooklyn Avenue School is a single track TK- 8th grade school located in East Los Angeles, California.  Our school has deep roots in the community first opening its doors in 1922.   Brooklyn Avenue opened its doors as an elementary school but in 2011 expanded to a SPAN school to serve students in 6th-8th grade.    Our middle schools students enjoy learning in a small, safe, school environment.  Many former students bring their children and grandchildren to our school.  Brooklyn Avenue School is known for consistently having significantly higher state test scores than other elementary and middle schools in our area.    

Students receive 180 days of instruction per school year.  Our student population of 550 consists of 99.8% Latino with less than 1% each of all other ethnicities.  9.4 % of our students are designated as Gifted.  14.9% receive special education services.  32.1% are English Language Learners with Spanish as their primary language.  100 % of students receive free meals, which includes breakfast, lunch, and supper for students who stay in the afterschool programs.

Special Programs and Services:  Brooklyn Avenue School provides various opportunities to enrich student learning.  Brooklyn Avenue School provides an at-home Chromebook device and every classroom has a Chromebook class set for each student.  Any student in need of a hot spot can be provided one. Our programs include dual enrollment East Los Angeles Community College classes for 8th-grade students, Gifted Education, Fine Arts (theatre and dance), Student Council, Robotics, Peer Tutoring, Kaiser Conflict Resolution Theater, curricular field trips, Primary Promise in school foundational literacy intervention, After-school Intervention, Winter Program, Multi-cultural Celebration, Book Fair, Spelling Bee, Awards Assemblies, Attendance Trophies, GoEast LA, and an afterschool program.

Parents and Partnerships:  Parents have multiple opportunities to participate in their children’s education, through ongoing parent workshop series, Back to School night, Open House, parent conferences.  We have a full-time Student and Family Resource Navigator at our parent center that supports our families with connections to partners in our community.  In addition, parents are engaged in hands-on at-home strategies at Literacy Night and Math & Science Night. Parents are encouraged to participate in our school councils: School Site Council, Local School Leadership, and English Language Advisory Committee in order to help make decisions that will impact our students.  Our school’s Parent Center is open daily, where parents can help in various ways.  Parent volunteers assist in our parking valet program, preparing classroom materials, and preparing our school for special events.